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About abudapest.com

Our Mission

Initially, ABUDAPEST.COM is an informative website where we are keen on sharing useful information about what is going on in Budapest. With the foundation in 2011 of ABUDAPEST.COM, based in Hungary, we began to expand its online presence.

Driven by the hunger for reliable and hot information about Hungary and our strategy of publishing near the customers it serves, we set up ABUDAPEST.COM. New trend continued by us throughout accurate translations and explanations for English speaking community whether to live in the country or abroad but to whom is concerned with political, economical and social environment and their changes in Hungary. ABUDAPEST.COM aims to credibility, transparency and responsiblity in all news shared with customers online and keep their eyes on Budapest matters thanks to the international language we speak together.

For simplicity, Budapest in English! Find out abudapest.com

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our philosophy is to always take care and make efforts to realising the rich and lovely global environment through our public activities, based on general understanding that is one of our mission to maintain, improve, and hand over the global environment in safe to the next generation.

ABUDAPEST.COM does mind environmental issues and takes steps to contribute and maintain its surroundings. Please consider the environment before printing out any of pages from this site.

Thank you