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Art Paris Art Fair 2012 with Budapest section

Budapest galleries do not give up international presence. In addition, gallery owners beleive in international breakthrough for Hungarian artists.

7 February 2012

Art Paris Art Fair from 29th March to 1st April 2012

Art Paris Art Fair from 29th March to 1st April 2012 - Grand Palais

Grand Palais ParisDespiteless support and tough conditions to access, Hungarian galleries visit international art fairs. The Kisterem Art Gallery, for instance, will be an exhibitor on Art Rotterdam from 8 to 12 February. Margit Valkó, gallery owner, said the fair organisers invited her thanks to the last young art fair in Basel, LISTE as reference. Ádám Kokesch, Tamás Kaszás, János Fodor and Júlia Vécsei's art works will be exhibited. The artist are about 35 years old, but they are not unknown to the world - said Margit Valkó.

Art Cologne

The next fair is in Cologne, where Daniel Hug (Director, László Moholy-Nagy's grandson) has transformed the character of the Art Cologne with fewer but more influential galleries to catch up to FIAC in Paris and Art Basel. Kisterem shows Little Warsaw, Ádám Konkoly, Tamás Kaszás's art works in Germany, whose owner says if Hungarian galleries survived the following 2 years two, international breakthrough would be achieved.

Milan Image Art Fair

Art Paris Art Fair 2012 Grand PalaisFaur Zsófi Gallery (Raday Gallery) intends to exhibit at Milan Image Art Fair in early of May where Arion Gábor Kudász's art works will be shown. Faur Zsófi to put more emphasis on photography art this year. On one hand, it could be built on Hungarian tradition abroad. On the other hand, photography art is coming up worldwide.

Art Paris Art Fair 2012

Art Paris with about 45 thousand visitors helds at the last weekend of March, where new management of the fair wants to invite as many collectors and curators as possible at the exhibition space of Grand Palais. The Director of Art Paris visited Art Market Budapest last year, to invite Hungarian galleries in order to show Budapest art life through quasi-dedicated section in Paris. Faur Zsófi will go to Paris with two photographers, Ádám Magyar and Anna Fabricius, as well as two Hungarian painters: Anett Hámori - last Essl Award winner - and Alfredo Barsuglia, who is also dealing with vido art works.

Dovin Gallery also goes to Art Paris - according to its profile - with selection of the figurative, new wave sculpture. The gallery's leading artist, Gergő Kovách's art works, will be exhibited together with Karolina Nagy whose installation-like statues are comined with LEDs and fluorescent lamps. Dániel Karsai will be also shown in Paris who is freshly graduated painter with neo expressive art work. The same artists with Barna Péli (sculpture) will be invited for Art Cologne. The French-German line is a new direction for Dovin that has participated art fairs in the Mediterranean region so far.