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AVEMAR aggro with Dr. Máté Hidvégi

Patent dispute and / or market competition behind the outbreak of AVEMAR war. Dr. Máté Hidvégi, one of who discovered the formula in anti-cancer therapy, blames the current manufacturer for alterating the original recipe.

4 January 2012

AVEMAR aggro with Máté Hidvégi

AVEMAR the Hungarian anti-cancer drug - Mess around!

Dozens of lawsuits between Dr. Máté Hidvégi, one of inventors of a medical nutriment, AVEMAR, and Birohparma Kft., the manufacturer. Biropharma Kft. has billions of claims against Dr. Máté Hidvégi and the his American production partner, American BioSciences Inc. The inventor has recently asked the National Medical Officer Service to examine and check efficacy of newly produced - without his control - anti-cancer formula. Dr. Máté Hidvégi told to Napi Gazdaság he believes there is no quality assurance in current manufacturing process and the patent Biropharma Kft. had already changed original receip due to fear from consequences of lawsuit regarding patent dispute. The manufacturer denies this and claims that the company usues international quality assurances - while informed about new investigation from media.

AVEMAR The Best New Product of the Year - NUTRAWARD 2006

AVEMAR The Best New Product of the Year - NutrAward 2006


Biropharma Kft. says the process - initiated by Dr. Máté Hidvégi - is directly related to the fact that imported ONCOMAR is less competitive in Hungary due to radical change in FX rate has broken. Added to this, he just wants to make local AVEMER buyers uncertain and he does not concern with inventor's worries but under pressure by financial loss and lawsuits. Undoubtedly long litigation has economic dimenson. There are no precise figures of local anti-cancer formula market, but estimated to exceed HUF10 billions. What is certain is that Biropharma Kft. revenue was HUF900 millions in 2008, which was declined in 2010 when new competitor (ONCOMAR manufactured in Germany) entered into Hungarian market. The company reported that last year's turnover was HUF700 millions, of which HUF530 millions from AVEMAR. The decrease in revenue due to tough competition in U.S. market with USD1 million export where ONCOMAR completely superseded AVEMAR. Biropharma Kft., however, remains keen on re-entereing into the U.S market in 2012.

Dr. Hidvégi sees success in the U.S. where more patients can afford his new drug than competing products due to pricing policy. The inventor stated that he is not role in PR startegy of ONCOMAR. Avemar case is on both national and international courts and markets, and National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science - finally Dr. Hidvégi's Submission investigeted here - review or investigation is only an item of this long procedure.

AVEMAR since 1998

AVEMAR manufactured since 1998 by Biropharma in Kunfehértó. AVEMAR is patented in 45 countries - and officially classified as a Dietary Food for Special Medical Purposes or for Cancer Patients -exported to the USA since 2000 where awarded with The Best New Product of the Year - NutrAward in 2006. The granulate produced before AVEMAR film-coated tablet was marketed 2 years ago.