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Bank card crisis in Christmas season

Ten thousands of bank cards now disable in Hungary.

16 December 2011

Ten thousands of bank cards now disable in HungaryTen thousands of Hungarian bank customers' bank data was obtained by uknown criminals in the last few days when data theft occurred outside of bank data management. It is expected that thousands of domestic plastic card holder's details were obtained by unauthorized persons through an international petrol station network. The misuse of bank customers's data was discovered by Visa.

Because data theft can increase chance for misuse - as Hungarian Banking Association informed - commercial banks in Hungary, therefore, have taken necessary security steps, and set the scene for a precautionary approach at the highest level for their clients' security reason.

This means that the vast majority of bank cards blocked, or daily limit set at HUF0 - why cardholders may not be able to pay by bank cards. Those plastic bank cards, which are currently in used, they are demonstrably not affected in data theft issue and they can be safely used in both POS and ATM networks.

Concerns in Christmas season

As shopping in Christmas season can be extremely uncomfortable due to blocked bank card issue, Hungarian Banking Association has assured customers that banks do their best to reduce inconvenience to customers.

Most of banks will notify the affected customers concerning blocked issue and replacement of bank card by sms or phone call. In standard case, manifacturing and delivery time of a plastic bank card takes a week - the big question is how banks can speed things up when a very serious numbers of new cards are to be remanufactured - while one week left until Christmas.