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Bence Máté - The Invisible Bird Photographer

Bence Máté’s pictures are telling everything about the secret lives of birds – but telling nothing about the secrets of cutting-edge bird-photography. If you want to know how this young and obsessed man won every imaginable prize worldwide, how he was/is awarded time after time on BBC’s prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition you just have to watch new short series of his work, Invisible Bird Photographer.

27 December 2011

Bence Máte The Inisible Bird Photographer

"I am like a bird"

Of course, the film maker, Természetfilm.Hu Association (Dávid Attila Molnár, director and Marcell Zsolt Tóth, cameraman) has already worked in Antarctica, Papua New Guinea, Iceland, Africa and produced film about Bence Máté. In fact, this was the first opportunity to work on a large-scale production like this one

Regardless of global economical changes and crisis in the European Union, Spektrum channel did not say no for what was essentially needed to produce such an important high-quality mini series.. This three-part series (3x26 minutes) is not basee on preserved material (from Bence's last ten years work), but three months of filming which was supported by the technical arsenal like Phantom, the High-Speed camera's claim to fame is the ability to shoot uncompressed, high speed footage at up to 1000 frames per second (fps).

Slow motion video of Bence Máté's pictures

Incredible Experience

And it is absolutely worth it, because the documentary film is impressive, in no small part, thanks to the super camera.

Not only abundant action elements in this mini series give you a beautiful and defining experiences, but also spiritual and ethical aspects throughout his lives that make an emotional and psychological impact on viewer. Not to mention director's quiet humor, his parents' testimony is deeply instructive, which provides the perfect recipe of how not to spoil but bring up and suppurting a gifted and talented child.

The Invisible Bird Photographer could be a propaganda film of the poor rural child, Bence Máté, who is becoming a world-famous photographer by the age of 26, but it is a much more human focused nature film. This is the film why people would give their citylife up immediately and want to take a loan to buy a farm in Hungarian countryside where so many stars, so many colorful birds and many friendly neighbours could be found. But they would intend to build up a plasma screen wall to thoroughly enjoy the film at least.

Watch trailer of Invisible Bird Photographer