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Budapest public transport on River Danube

This reorgnisation will be done for the benefit of public transport in Budapest from June 2012.

12 December 2011

New waterway public transport in Budapest

New waterway public transport in Budapest from June 2012

New waterway public trasnport route being launched between Millennium City (Rákóczi bridge, district 9) and Újpest (district 4) from 1 June 2012 - Budapest Public Transport Co. said at a press conference. 11.5-kilometer-long route is planed to be made between 45 minutes (from Újpest to Millenium City) and 1 hour (from Millenium City to Újpest).

Boat service is expected to be departure in every 20 minutes during rush hours when you can also take your bike with. Buffet as well as Wi-Fi internet access is offered to the passengers during their journey on the Danube. Yet fees have not been clarified, it must be matching to current public service charges.

Urban problemsWaterway development

New ports are to built at Árpád bridge and the Millennium City - Rákóczi Bridge. Public transport Co. is going to improve and renovate 5 of current stations on Meder utca (district 13 - Prestige Towers and Marina Part) , Jászai Mari Tér (distrcit 13), Batthyány tér (district 1), Petőfi tér (district 5) and Petőfi bridge (district 9, Boráros tér)

New ships in public transport on the Danube has not been taken but  Public Transport  Co. will provide service with current capacity of ships in work. The company, however, has a medium-term plan of purchasing small catamaran ships. A total budget of HUF493 millions are financed by 90 per cent  from EU Structural Funds.

Question marks in financing

It is not known how much money needed to start the boat as part of daily public transport, inter alia, ticket prices are unknown too. Public Transport Co. has not decided wether separate or discounted ticket, additional ticket or passes would be valid for using the new service in Budapest. In addition, there is no definitive schedule for Summer start in 2012.

Public transport on the Danube was discussed at the end of August by the Metropolitan Assembly, to place half-dozen of fast catamaran in work as soon as possible.

How to cope with ever rising traffic congestion problem in Budapest

Rationalising public transport:
River Danube in focus

Urban problems

How to cope with ever rising traffic congestion problem in Budapest is an urgent issue due to sharp increase in the number of vehicles on roads, and the worn condition of underground infrastructure of utilities running beneath the surface of Budapest. From theconsumer's point of view, however, River Danube has not been integrated into public transport facilites in Budapest. The boom in shipping and waterway transport, to a lesser extent, could prevent crowding of public transportation.

As a result of latest port development, Public Transport Co. is going to launch green and and partially accessible transport facilites under waterway route on the Danube with 8 stations and the complete line - depending on the water level of the Danube.