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CNN - Water polo is part of Hungary's DNA

"Water polo is part of Hungary's DNA, its national team for decades a powerhouse of the sport. They've won nine Olympic gold medals, led to victory the last three times by coach Dénes Kemény"

29 February 2012

Dénes Kemény, Head Coach, Hungarian Olympic Water Polo Team

The American news television (CNN) visited the Hajós Alfréd Sport Swimming Pool on Margaret Island where met Dénes Kemény who led the team in the last three Olympics, and his name was engraved three times on the the marble tablet accordingly.

Kemény puts the country's water polo strength down to a geological quirk of nature, the myriad thermal springs which lie deep beneath this land-locked country.

Honor Water Polo Coach

Sport swimming pool was named after Dénes Kemény in Hungary who is triple Olympic champion with the national. The unique sport success series, his life's work honored in 2011: He is in the Hall of Fame, USA.

Kemény was not surprised that CNN was interested in this sport, because three-time champion team itself is remarkable and unusual in the world as well as in history of the Olympic Games.

He explained their situation is better, because water polo is a team sport as the example shows when two people were talking: Tamás Darnyi won. "I have not heard from none of the fans who has said: Hungary won. Instead, fans alwyas say 'WE won' because their self-esteem maybe get taken up a bit and feel a part of the team. Therefore, it is extremely important every where on the globe that a country is triple champion in a team sport. And it's not over yet."