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Debrecen Airport - More flights and destinations

Several new destinations to where flights are scheduled from Debrecen to be announced within weeks. Tamás Meleghegyi, Managing Director of Airport Debrecen Kft., said they want to reach six hundred thousand passangers a year within three or four years.

23 March 2012

Wizz Air flights London-Debrecen from 18 June<

Wizz Air flights London-Debrecen from 18 June

The Debrecen Airport meets the requirements in all aspects concerning a major international airport in Europe. The security conditions and the passenger terminal and runway is accessible from both sides to serve six hundred thousand passengers per year in fifty-fifty between departures and arrivals - the Managing Director stressed. Thanks to Wizz Air flights between London and Debrecen from 18 June, the current annual passangers of thirty thousand may be increased with extra eight thousand.

Debrecen - The second biggest city in Hungary

Debrecen - The second biggest city in Hungary

Flights to Europe

The total capacity would mean 35 daily flights - said the Director. Continuing air traffic flow to ensure smooth this year, about HUF500 million of infrastructure improvements being implemented including a complete IT system development and acquisition of specialized equipment to allow winter traffic. Tamás Meleghegyi said the situation of Debrecen is highly satisfactory in the region due to geographical reasons - terrain, wet weather - the number of flyable hours ahead in the surrounding Romanian airports.

In addition, the Debrecen airport to serve specific type of flights by 25 to 30 percent lower compared to another airports in a regional comparison. Covering the passenger transport routes the General Director said: there are currently two major "national" and more "low cost" airlines in negotiations. All new flights to European destinations only, the greatest interest in German and Southern European - mostly Spanish and Italian - destinations for you" - he said.

Air cargo services

In connection with flights to Asia Meleghegyi said: China, India and some Arab countries are also interested in Debrecen. This would affect partly personal, partly air cargo services. He believes there is no chance to have regular flights from Asia to Debrecen this year because long preparatory work needed for new destinations in Asia. Answering to the question regarding cargo traffic, Tamás Meleghegyi emphasised that Xanga Group, management company of airport and industrial park nearby operator Xanga Group, has already started construction of new cargo base.