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Economic scares force organisers to cancel Metalfest Open Air Hungary 2012

This year does not bring Metalfest Open Air music festival to Budapest, the organisers announced today, because tough economic times and unfavourable tax environ (higher VAT) in Hungary force local audience and its financial status to stay out and organisers to cancel this hard rock and metal festival in summer of 2012 on Csillebérc Youth Camp.

6 January 2012

Metalfest Open Air Hungary 2012 cancelled"Yet Hammer Concerts and Rock The Nation - co-ordinating Metalfest international music festival series - have placed a lot of energy, and invested time and money into that Metalfest Open Air Hungary 2012 but we do not achieve our main goal to set up an annual metal festival in Hungary. We see, however, that the current economic situation does affect potencial festival visitors in Hungary." - organisers said in the note sent to MTI.

Metalfesthas already orginised twice on Csillebérc. Last June, about ten thousand metal fans enjoyed 65 bands from nineteen countries. Concerts taken place by among others, the German trash metal band Kreator, the British extreme metal Cradle of Firth and heavy metal band Saxon, the Swedish melodic death metal Arch Enemy and a Grammis-nominated power metal band Sabaton, the French black metal band Alcest, the Irish metal band Primordial, Wintersun an extreme metal from Helsinki and Kataklysm a death metal band from Canada.

The organisers said even though Metalfest expandes this year - Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic - and Italy, Poland and Croatia are the new countries where Metalfest will be organised but Budapest is not a place for Metalfest in 2012.

"Metalfest Open Air Hungary 2011 had almost positive feedback from both performers and festival visitors. Tne Hungarian Metalfest was a reliable partner of international agencies, local suppliers and sponsors, but the present conditions, unfortunately, do not prove it to be viable" - added by the organisers.

"Metalfest 2011 in Czech Republic attracted many more visitors compared to Metalfest Open Air Hungary 2011. "While the financial burden, payments to artists, technical costs were almost the same in both countries, but economic conditions, particularly with regard to taxation in Hungary is significantly higher than anywhere in the surrounding countries. And this becomes worse in 2012, for instance new VAT in Hungary."- explained by Hammer Concerts, the organiser.