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Electronic ticketing in Budapest public transport from 2014

The current paper tickets and passes will be replaced to a new card-based electronic ticketing system from 2014 - according to project concept developed by Budapest Transport Centre (BKK), which is going to be discussed on General Assembly's meeting next week.

20 January 2012

Electronic ticketing in Budapest public transport from 2014The development means a number of tangible changes to passengers: time-based tickets, daily limit, contactless transactions (NFC) and passengers can extend monthly pass's validity online at home.

Thus BKK wants to introduce more transparent and fair ticket system through more steps to the passenger from 2014. It aims to provide more professional service for both passangers who use public transport on a daily basis, and passengers who enjoy Budapest public transport occasionally. According to BKK, electronic ticketing system - which is based on the traveling time instead of number of changes during travel - helps to reduce pass forgery and cheating.

Controllers will be replaced by completely automated gates in metro lines and partially automated gates in HÉV due the second phase of development (in 2015), which will guarantee that public transport is used with tickets and passes only. The various special offers to use - for students and pensioners, for instance - will be verified by the National Unified Card System.

Passes will work in practice works like a debit card and they won't only hold money but also transport options on the card account. Of course, tickets and passes to buy on the spot will also be available in the future but through far more advanced ticket machines 24/7 compared to ticket machines are known today.