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Getting into the cold weather spirit

In recent years' coldest week of winter with frozen weather and snow is coming: Arctic dry and cold air from Siberia headed for Hungary, pointed out by időkép.hu.

30 January 2012

Getting into the cold weather spiritThe daytime warming becomes weaker day by day and night temperature will be -15 while below -20 degrees also expected in the hills. The rapid/radical changes in weather caused by three factors: clear sky, the calm/light wind and the snow-covered ground.

Frozen weather and snow

On Tuesday morning, -8, -13 degrees expected, but below -15 also possible in snow-covered areas. In addition, the maximum temperature is most likely to be zero all day - Szilvia Jenki said on Monday,National Weather Service. From middle of the week increased cloudiness will be expected in south-west Hungary which will cause mainly snowfalls in the southern areas from Thursday afternoon. On Friday, the southern and eastern parts of the country will be covered by snow, however, other areas have less chance for snow. But weekened brings scattered snow showers and snowfalls for the whole country. Further, strengthening north and north-east winds can cause blowing snow in some places.

Please call Shelter Foundation

The expected cold weahter will cause hard days and and potential risk to die especially for homeless people. The Shelter Foundation is waiting for calls in 24-hour at +36 1 338 4186 phone number. The service will help people in crisis situation as soon as possible with social workers who directly assist homeless people on the street. For this reason, please pay much more closer attention to unconscious, broken limbs, head injured or puzzled people on the street thereof call the ambulance with immediate effect.