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Gozsdu Udvar - Gas on/off

Dying to know what the hell is going on because seven classic buildings of Gozsdu Udvar were lack of gas service for 2 and half months in this summer.

5 November 2011

Gozsdu Udvar Gas issue Photo by James Stevenson

7 buildings all apartment without hot water and heating from end of July to middle of October 2011
Photo by James Stevenson

Terrible story and almost unbelievable but it is bloody true. In heart of Budapest, 7 classic building in dsitrict 7 between Király utca and Dob utca, with 123 apartments provided no hot water and heating service at all. Building Management informed about reason of lack of services with 5 days delay. Official communication was very slow and residents were told that technical problems under maintenance in the first couple of days. However, they knew that gas meter was off by Gas Company as it had already happened in April 2010.

Déja vu

In 2010, hot water and heating was not available from middle of April to middle of October. This was the very first time when residents faced financial problems of 7 classic buildings. Approx. HUF20 million debt against Gas Company was an issue. Developer (Queen House Kft. - Autoker's project company) owed half of debts against Building Management. Building Mangement was keen on solution and collecting debts from home owners and developer. One meeting was organised and it seemed everything would be sorted out quickly. However, as long as 4 months silence and lack of communication taken place. Gas was reconnected by middle of October 2010 afer 6 months when gas was off.

Mismanagement or Miscommunication?

In last August, official email was sent to home owners in which as high as HUF 35 million was clarified due payment against Gas Company. Home owners and residents were told that changes in Gas Company customer care, last year agreement between them was cancelled with immediate effect. This was the reason to cut off in gas service - Building Management told.

The debt was increased with HUF15 million in one year. This seemed to be a more rational reason of cut off. Why debt increased? Why Building Management let the issue (increasing debt) unresolved? Nobody knows and no real answers received to questions. For instance, residents were told that service charges were inccorrectly set. Whether ture or false, why did not discuss it in 2010. Why did they let debt increase with 80% No answer, just blabla of course!

Sorted out or remain unresolved?

Gozsdu Udvar gas issueIt is doubtful that real solution found. Building Management started a campaign when they collected initial payments from home owners and property managers who were happy to do so. Initial payment means upfront condominium charges in advance. It was not compulsory at least but the campaign has a crystal clear message: debts will be financed by residents! Initial payments for gas bill now but how about building management services? Further, they increased ground fees and condominium charges radically in September. Classic Buildings' running cost/living expenses are significantly more expensive than new building in Holló u. 10-14. What will tenants or buyers think about this? Who wil buy or rent in classic buildings where a hidden timed bomb placed?