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Hungarian localised version of YouTube

Hungarian localised version of YouTube video-sharing has launched why the owner, Google, expects to boost music royalty and ads revenues from the country.

2 March 2012

youtube.hu from 1 March 2012

youtube.hu from 1 March 2012

40 localised version of YouTube in 59 languages including Hungarian.Localised "Hungary-tuned" YouTube version to start on the first day of March - announced Edina Heal, Google's head of Hungary. Google's interest, YouTube, was launched seven years ago, and then reached one billion daily video downloads in October 2009 while daily download was high as four billion globally in 2011. A recent study shows that YouTube has 93% of spontaneous awareness in Hungarye, 71% of the Hungarian Internet users visit the site every day and 22% regularly visit the video-sharing more than once a day - said Edina Heal.


YouTube Partner Program.youtube.hu start means that the Hungarian users have more easily access to Hungarian content - content owners have more control over the content, the advertisers can directly reach the users - said Matthew Glotzbach, European head of YouTube. Localised version of YouTube is avaiable in 59 languages and 40 countries including Hungary. Glotzbach said Hungary is one of the first countries in Europe where localised content available for local users. Video sharing site has already been the third most visited site in Hungary with its more than 2.7 million visitors per month (in 18-49 age group, Research by Gemius / Ipsos in December 2011), the Hungarian users watch six hours of video a month.

Protection of Authors' Rights

YouTube has an agreement with Artisjus, Hungarian Bureau for the Protection of Authors' Rights, so Hungarian song and music composers can now enjoy financial benefits if they upload their videos to watch. Cash generation works only when ads associated with video content. Péter Benjamin Tóth, artisjus's Strategy and Communication Director, said the initial business model taken important steps towards sustainable music industry. YouTube has also concluded an agreement with Sziget Cultural Management, Media Support and Asset Management Fund (MTVA), TV2, Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation, 1G Records, CLS Music, Tom Tom Recoreds as well as WMMD local digital music distribution.

YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Partner Program will be launched in Hungary soon which allows content owners to enjoy financial benefits from ads and commercials watched together with uploaded videos on YouTube.