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iPhone 4S - Simple the best - tested by mobilarena.hu

Pricy but the most reliable and the smartest phone - market leader at the minute.

31 October 2011

iPhone 4S - Simple the best

The very first iPhone 4S owner in Budapest
WestEnd Shopping Centre 28 October 2011

Pricy but the most reliable and the smartest phone - market leader at the minute.

Hmm, depressing business news about Hungary but shopping centres are full of people who are ready to shop. Night life is busy and gives tourists an impression like Budapest is a really cool place to live. Bars, cafés, clubs, bath and events all around the city with Hungarians and expats. In contrast with drama in media, life in Budapest is vibrant and cultural. Introducing new iPhone is an excellant example of motivation of locals and their open mind to world. Smart phone market grows well and Hungarians love to use mobile internet service as well as applications. Apple in Hungary must be a happy company if they have a free time to take a look at images and public view of iPhone in this country of EU.

The smartest smart phone on the market where the society wants be smart too.

mobilarena.hu (in Hungarian only) is the site where professional and well supported tests with fine description and images as well as video about the latest mobile phones make Hungarians informed of what's hot in IT world. What's more, their tests are used by mobile telecommunication companies when service providers are marketing phones to potential customers.

  • To figure weaknesses and strengths out of design, quality, user interface, digital camera mobilarena.hu is etalon in Hungary, where roughly 1 million people have smart phone while 15% of users have iPhone.

  • iPhone 4S tested on 26 October (in Hungarian only) 2 days before launching new Apple's smart phone - right time and right place for more detailed ultimate review in Hungary.

  • Vodafone Hungary was fairly quite before marketing started of iPhone 4S and its customers were able to buy it online webshop from midnight. T-Mobile, however, organised a big show in Budapest WestEnd shopping centre and other cities in Hungary like Győr, Pécs and Szeged.

Definitely expensive but so sweet to get

iPhone 4S is a premium product in terms of design, quality, sevice and price, of course. Why would it be cheaper when alternative smart phones from rivals are just running behind Apple!


iPhone 4S 16GB T-Mobile from HUF19,900 to HUF184,990 Vodafone from HUF9,990 to HUF194,990
iPhone 4S 32GB T-Mobile from HUF49,900 to HUF219,990
iPhone 4S 64GB T-Mobile from HUF69,900 to HUF244,990

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