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New Hungarian invention helps people with diabetes

Clinical accuracy in blood glucose monitoring at home allowed with a newly developed next-generation blood glucose meter. The Hungarian owned company presented its new invention on Wednesday at symposium on the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

1 February 2012

New Hungarian invention helps people with diabetesThe latest blood glucose meter of 77 Electronika Kft. was tested by the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the Semmelweis University where reliability and accuracy in monitoring was certified "Excellent".

"The home measured and the hospital specific blood glucose level are different, because the fingertip blood is rich in cells why hospital uses cell-free sterilised blood plasma for monitoring. The glucose level of fingertip whole blood and blood shows significant difference, therefore, checking diabetes control was considered by the two different values" - Prof. Antal Szabó explained, professor of the Department, who presented the test results of the blood glucose monitoring system.

According to expert, it is an important tool to achive more perfect metabolic balance that home blood glucose monitoring devices would provide an acceptable deviation compared to the laboratory realistic method.

"The accurate monitoring and blood glucose level help people with diabetes manage the disease more effectively while the risk of complications is reduced" - Prof. Antal Szabó pointed out.