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Nokia N9: AMOLED display with minor issue

abudpest.com has found out minor issue with Nokia N9 AMOLED display. Black strikes, spots on the dark grey backgrounds(screen) noticable when N9 used in a dark room.

22 December 2011

Nokia N9

Nokia introduced Nokia N9 at Nokia Connection 2011 in Singapore.

The Nokia N9 OLED display problems were pointed out on Nokia Europe Forum where worldwide users also reported a similar problem. First, everyone was very confused with the issue even on the Forum. Client's case seemed to be a trumped-up problem but it was not the case.

It is stated that more smart phone has sold with defected display since Nokia N9 launced into the global market. As the fault can be detected in evening or low light (dark room) conditions, the majority of users will not obviously face to face with the error. To check this out, for example, user needs to watch video (with dark scenes)turn the camera on under conditions clarified before.

Tricky customer or Bug phenomenon?

Nokia did not know what to do with this bug phenomenon. The AMOLED display was replaced the screen, but this did not solve the problem. When Nokia n9 was taken back to Nokia Care because new display was also suffering from the same error, they were sceptical and very embarrassed. It was apparent that they saw the phenomenon of tricky customer when complaint made. But the phone was sent to Central Service which returned the phone afer a few days with a note of prblem undetected and supported with a report: the device works fine.

Of course, we did not give up and made a complaint right away on Nokia Online Customer Service. We were very impressed with prompt and helpful customer service. Perhaps, online discussion on Nokia Fourm helped us a lot in this matter. Immediately we referred to Forum because Nokia must have interests in problem solving. If there was series problem with N9 it should be confronted with problem itself as soon as possible to get ready for solution without further delay.


Nokia N9 with AMOLED display issue

The problem is hard to be taken by camera 

Problem solving

Online Customer Care Service requested that the phone had to be investigated by Central Service through Nokia Care Point. Nokia Care Point drew special attention to Online customer Service request and discussion with customer. In fact, they even commented that they also detected the problem and asked Central Service to get the issue sorted out.

We got repaired Nokia N9 10 days later in which again AMOLED display as well as a sensor replaced. The bug phenomenon was completely disappeared.

We thank you for Nokia' helpfulness, and we are pleased that the problem can be solved. So none of the Nokia N9 owners should worry about it when face to face with a similar defect.

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