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Ryanair has returned to Budapest

Ryanair is to open base in Budapest following Friday's forced grounding of Malév. The low-cost airline's new base with 31 new routes will offer service in Hungary where tickets start from HUF2,999 (€9.99).

3 February 2012

Ryanair has returned to BudapestRyanair opens the no. 51 stattoin in Budapest at 17 February. 3 aircrafts will be in Budapest and fourth one is coming in April which will set up two thousand jobs in Hungary. 250 workers are recruited for the base only. - announced Michal Cawley, Vice-President of Ryanair, today.

Tickets will start from HUF2,999 (EUR 9.99) and 31 routeswill be available in Budapest through Ryanair. According to Ryanair, the first year will attract two million passengers which is expected to be increase in the future. Ryanair is to offer flight service with 20 percent cheaper than Malév.

Ryanair currently has seven hundred employees in Hungary and will organise an open day next week for those who want to come from Malév or other company to work.

The business plan was quickly drawn up. Ryanair will start discussion with representatives Ryanair hopes to succeed in an agreement for favorable costs.

Rayanair had already operated in Budapest and carried 400 thousand passengers in 2008. But the low-cost airline left Hungary due to high airport costs. However, the Irish company announced its return to Budapest with five routes and 200 new jobs a couple of days ago when Ryanair has not expected rapid Malév's bankruptcy.

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