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Saint Nicholas Day in Hungary

Christmas season in Hungary starts on 6 December when Saint Nicholas is traditionally celebrated. Just 3 weeks before Holy Night, Hungarian children are visited by "Mikulás" who makes his round with a horse drawn sleigh and his two helpers. One of them is a good angel who gives out presents to good children and the other one is a krampus who punishes bad children.

6 December 2011

Joulupukki in Hungary 2011

The Tradition

On 5 December children in Hungary carefully polish their best boot or shoes and put them on the windowsill or in front of the door to be filled by St. Nicholas("Mikulás") during the night.

In the night of Saint Nicholas, "Mikulás" secretly leaves little bags filled with candies, tangerines, oranges, walnuts, apples, chocolate Mikulás figures, peanuts, and small presents for children to find in the morning. Naughty children find twigs painted gold or a wooden spoon. Most children get some of each as no one is all good or all bad.

6th time meeting with Joulupukki in Hungary

The Finnish Santa Claus was surrounded by group of children as soon as he landed in Budapest. This time children from kinder garden in Vecsés and young patients of Csodalámpa Foundation together were pleased with the wishes that came true reality. After airport advanture,he airport adventure, thanks to MALÉV and its partners- the Airport Shuttle Minibus, Mondial Assitance Group and Le Méridien Hotel - bright-eyed kid army received presents from "Mikulás". The children were expressing gratitude through poems, songs, colorful drawings for presents from Joulupukki.

Jouluppik must be busy in Hungary where he visits a Hungarian orphanage in Fót, the Children's village, children in Veszprém - the sister city of Rovaniemi in Lapland - red sludge affected areas as well as Santa Claus Factory next Hero's square and Christmas Market in Vörösmarty tér in Budapest.

Joulupukki in Hungary 2011