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Slovakia and Hungary to reconcile

The newly appointed Slovak Foreign Minister is convinced that Slovakia and Hungary to follow a period of good neighbourly relations. Miroslav Lajčák in Bratislava stated that Slovakia will reflect the good-neighbourly relations between the two parties shared the history and the fact that both are the EU and NATO member countries.

5 April 2012

So the first snow has arrived in Hungary"We look forward to the Slovak and the Hungarian government, both are devoting attention to the primary - all European countries are facing - economic and social challenges" - said Miroslav Lajčák after his appointment on Wednesday afternoon. He added that the issues raised by the two parties will solve at the negotiations table based on analysis the "real state of European standards".

Miroslav Lajčák said: I wish Slovakia was a reliable, stable and "predictable" partner and remains a member of the European Union. He pointed out that he does not have plans to change Slovak diplomacy for a while. He added, however, that he wants to get acquainted with the details of what took place in the foreign ministry in the last 20 months.

In Robert Fico's prevous government, Miroslav Lajčák had alraedy been a Forign Minsister of Slovakia between 2009 and 2010. He was a Director for Russia, Eastern European partnership, and the Western Balkans at European External Action Service. His diplomatic career has begun in 1991 at Czechoslovak Embassy in Moscow.

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