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Smoking ban in Hungary

Where to smoke cigarette from 1 January in 2012?

2 January 2012

Smoking ban in Hungary from 2012New year brings numbers of legislative changes against smokers. From 1 January, smoking is prohibited in all indoor places including workplaces, restaurant, pubs and bars. Casinos and Hotels' cigar rooms are only the special places where smoking is allowed in Hungary.

According to Non-smokers Protection Act - was signed into low by the Parliament - No Smoking in Public institutions - such as entertainment and restaurants - in workplaces, public transport and their stops/stations, underpass, playgrounds and in five meter around playgrounds. Local governments have also right to prohibit other public places to smoke.

Thanks to an important change, public institutions, indoor work places, trains is not designated as a smoking area. Trains with non-smoker vehicles only. Smoking is allowed outdoors only in five meters from the entrance to bars, restaurantes and work places with exception of restaurants where outdoor smoking is set and casinos as well as hotels with cigar room. Further, it is still possible to smoke in the outdoor bars and open-air gardens.

Outdoor places near public education, child wellfare, child protection as well as other health care institutions are not to be designated as smoking places.

In confined spaces like tobacco product demonstrations, and the hotels' cigar room where no food and drink served can smoke only. Enclosed smoking rooms in penitentiary and psychiatric institutions for needs of inmates or patients only - to ensure that smoke can not escape into other rooms. However, smoking without any special rules is allowed in casinos.

What are the penalties?

Penalties will be available after a grace period of three months until early of April in 2012. After that time, punishment for violations of the smoking ban is a petty misdemeanor with fines up to HUF50,000 (individual) and HUF2,500,000 (institution) by National Public Health and Medial Officer Service.