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Univer aims to expand export to penetrate into British food market

Recently, the Hungarian Univer has entered into British food market in order to strengthen export markets due to decline in demostic demand, while export revenues doubled this year from Czech Republic and Slovakia.

29 December 2011

Univer Mayonnaise, Ketchup and Dressing-Sauces available in the UK

Univer - The Spice of Life

Although domestic food market has become smaller about 3-4 percent, the company expects to reach modest profit and seeks to remain market leader in Hungary's mayonnaise and mustard - according to Univer's release.

Within the company group, Univer Product has taken over bakery bussiness with the annual turnover of one billion Hungarian Forint so that upgrading the supply of thier bakery goods and they also produce Lipóti Bakery products for central Hungary. Thanks to reorganiation, they kept bakery professionals, therefore, 620 people work for Univer Product in 2011.

Export from Kecskemét to Europe

Univer, founded in 1948 in Kecskemét is one of the largest companies in today’s food industry of Hungary. The holding assures workplace for over 1300 people, which makes it a significant employer of the Great Plain region.

Univer was able to stabilise baby food export to Russia and Holland and new baby food product for 10-month age was launched in the Hungarian market this year. In Romania, the company increased its turnover from Univer-brand products including ketchup, while Univer successfully doubled exports on Czech and Slovak markets in 2011.

Univer had just entered into British market where recently launched mayonnaise, ketchup and dressing-souces.

Univer Hungary enters into British food market