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20th VOLT Festival in Sopron 2012

Living legends, cultic music artists and top music stars in lineup of the 20th VOLT Festival 27-30 June in Sopron as usual. According to the latest news headliner on the stage is - the previously announced - Skrillex. Snow Patrol and Iggy & the Stooges as well as Lostprophets, Children of Bodom, Hadouken and Katy B accepted the invitation.

2 February 2012

20th VOLT Feszival in Sopron 27-30 June 2012

20th VOLT Feszival in Sopron 27-30 June 2012

20th Volt Festival in 2012Music is the answer

How can a festival be more and more successful for two decades and so lovely and still human scale with a hundred thousand of fans? The answer will be given in the end of June on the 20th VOLT Festival in Sopron. Here we go again!

The two main organiser, Zoltán Fülöp and Norbert Lobenwein founded a private house party sized event exactly 19 years ago at the age of 19, and then the idea became the largest and the most prestigious festival of Hungary's countryside in the meantime.

VOLT - Falling in love

Volt Festival 27-30 June Sopron"From the beginning, we tried to organise more than an ordinary festival of Hungarian ones and intended to spoil our audience with a lot more experience than they, more and more of whom was falling in love with VOLT, expected from the festival. Audiencee needs some to see both cultic artists and top music stars. The 20th VOLT Festival music program promises to satisfy every need. Living legends and star bands have fantastic shows in June. "- pointed out by the organisers.

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