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Bosch laid the foundation stone of HUF6 billion development centre in Budapest

Auto parts maker Robert Bosch laid the foundation stone of a HUF6 billion development centre in Budapest. The first phase of construction of the 32,000m2 centre will be completed in the first part of 2013, and the project will be finished in 2014, creating 1,000 jobs.

3 November 2011

IFA logoAwesome business news about R&D sector in Hungary for future prospectives. Robert Bosch as a knowledge-oriented employer with long term investment strategy justifies confidence and credibilty of its deep beliefs in valuable expactations of  economic performance in this country. Bosch aims respectfully to increase jobs in business sector of Hungary at this time when way out of  standstill economy is the key to success of all member of EU in early of 21st century.

Uneployment rate dropped down from 10.3% to 9.9 in September. Hopefully, positive trend will be accelerated with good examples like Bosch's new development centre in Budapest where 600 engineers already work for. Political vision is in harmony of Bosh plans communicated by Minister for Employment:
“I am very happy to see that Bosch is launching another major project in Hungary. This proves that it is worth investing and looking to the long term in Hungary. We support every initiative that creates value and is based on work and real achievements. Bosch is at the forefront of this in Hungary.”

Thanks to the global corporate structure, Hungary is one of 60 countries where The Bosch Group represented. The company was founded in 1886 in Stuttgart . 2011 is the year when Bosch is celebrating  its 125th anniversary.

Long term commitment to Hungary drives Bosch business strategy in the region.

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