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Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest

Grand opening of Buddha-Bar Hotel postponed with a month - compared to original plan - and the new five-star hotel to open in mid-April.

13 March 2012

Klotild Palace Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest

Klotild Palace built in 1901 - Kálmán Giergl

Opening in second half of April

Opening in mid-April

The downtown of Pest, 103-room five-star hotel in a former Klotild Palace, downtown of Pest, was complete where restaurant, roof bar and shops directly connected. The hotel owner, the Italian Beghelli Group, financed the development - about HUF3 billion - and Market Építő Zrt. renovated the historical building.

Hotel industry under pressure

The hotel mananagment throgh Mellow Mood Group, but the hotel restaurant based on the French Buddha-Bar concept (36-room five-star hotel in Prague operating for years). Shops and retails have difficulties to let and Beghelli Group seems to open its own light shop as early bird.

The Italian company is one of Europe's leading lighting company, with factories from China to Czech Republic in a dozen country. In the capital, a long time since Buddha-Bar Hotel will be the first new five-star hotel in Budapest for a while, the hotel industry is in decline due to interesting time and to face closures nowadays.

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