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Christmas Market Budapest 2011

Visit Budapest in Winter time and enjoy lovely Christmas Market in Vörösmarty Tér. Opens from second half of November.

16 November 2011

Christmas Market Budapest 2011

Christmas Market Budapest from 19 of November to 30 December 2011

The Budapest Christmas Market is known as one of the best ten Christmas markets in Europe. Traditionally, Vörösmarty tér is the place where market takes place from end of November until year end. Selected folks by Hungarian Heritage House and Association of Hungarian Artisan sell their handcrafts made of natural materials in artistic aspect.

The world-famous, Europe's best Christmas Market awards (2006 Travel & Leisure, 2008 Sunday Times) in the tourist off-season, Budapest's longest festival is waiting for you where Hungarian culture, gastronomy, festive traditions are all represented in a family-friendly environment. 6 weeks, 48 days, 66 wooden houses, nearly 130 folks to sell. That is Christmas Market in Budapest. Visit and see it by yourself to enjoy the intimate usual festive atmosphere! Opens from 19 November between 10am and 8pm. On 24 December the Market closing at 2pm and it will be closed on 25 and 26 December.

Kürtős kalács

Gastronomy and Hungarian Traditions

Emotional feelings of mulled wine, cakes, sausage ... just some of the essential market delicacies centered around gastronomy circle in middle of the market. For the first time, Hungarian traditional Christmas dishes like stuffed cabbage rolls, beigli as well as many other specialities can be found in Vörösmarty tér.

Partner country: Belgium

This the very first time when a partner country is invited for Christmas Market. Cultural connection gives an opportunity to partner country which also has an important role in this particular event.

Belgian beer and chocolate in focus and Belgium offers tourist information for visitors.

Kürtős kalács

Santa Claus from Lapland, Finland

After a long break Santa Claus from Lapland will meet Hungarian children. Meeting point is Santa Claus House in the square where the "Hungarian Santa Claus" will stay to meet children on 4 and 5 December. However, Finnish Santa Claus will arrive on 6 December (Santa Claus Day in Hungary) for a few hours to spend in Budapest.

Flame of Peace from Church of the Nativity Bethlehem

Thanks to young scouts, it is not only the Christmas tree lights shine into Market but also Flame of Peace from Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem reminds everybody that Christmas is coming. Also, visitors can take a look at the giant Christmas tree with nativity scene from the first Advent Sunday.

Váci utca in Christmas season

Neo-renaissance charachteristic of Váci utca in district 5

Free WIFI in the square

If you want to share your experience, you can do sow ith free wireless Internet. The network code is not protected, so your phone can easily and automatically connect to WIFI. Take photos, shoot video and upload the "Visit to Budapest!" Facebook website!

10% OFF with Budapest Card

Do you know Budapest Card? 1-3 day Card provides 10% off from all products at Budapest Christmas Market. In addition, a number of special offers, free admission to four museums and Budapest Zoo, free public transport, free sightseeing tours, and free smartphone application is associated with the card. For more information or purchase: www.budapest-card.com, BKV ticket offices, newspaper stands, Budapestinfo points.

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