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e-cegjegyzek.hu - Reliable and up-to-date company details in Hungary

Easy to access company details online in Hungary. If you want to know more about your business partner you can find out at www.e-cegjegyzek.hu.

14 November 2011

Ministry of Justice and Public Administration in Hungary - Online Company Details Service

e-cegjegyzek.hu powered by Ministry of Justice and Public Adminstration

Here in Hungary Ministry of Justice and Public Administration set up a website where company details available online. The site is in Hungarian only but easy to use if you are interested in company you want to work with. Let us see basic hints before you start using th site:

- STEP 1 left hand side on the site you can see Menü = MENU

- STEP 2 below menu please select/click on Cégkeresés a cég elnevezése szerint = SEARCH BY COMPANY NAME

- STEP 3 and then fill the search bar with company name you are looking for

- STEP 4 click on Mehet = GO

- STEP 5 before taking look at search results you need to type what you see on the image (security check)

- STEP 6 click on Mehet = GO and you will see search results

- STEP 7 short and long name of companies listed in 2 colums and you need to choose one of them

- STEP 8 please select Tárolt Cégkivonat = REGISTERED COMPANY SHEET from the box next to Kérem a megjelölt cégjegyzékszámú cégek:/PLEASE PROVIDE ME WITH

- STEP 9 click on Befejeztem = DONE button below the box

- STEP 10 before getting company sheet you need to type what you see on the image (security check) again

"Végrehajtás" Compulsory Execusion when companies under pressure

Companies in Hungary under pressureYou can see company history from company sheet as well as up-to-dated seat address (which can be vary from office address in Hungary), company profie, all bank account number(s) company have in Hungary, company owners (both individual and corporate) and who company are represented by (right to act and sign).

The problem is Végrehajtás = COMPULSORY EXECUSION is also registered on company sheet below bank acccoun number(s). This always means a legal issue with company and third party: Nemzeti Adó és Vámhivatal = REVENUE & CUSTOMS (delay in tax payments), business partner(s)/client(s)/customer(s) and service provider(s) (with financial issues) which can be managed by Pesti Központi Kerületi Bíróság = METROPOLITAN COURT OF BUDAPEST.

Company sheet is up-to-dated on weakly basis. Modifications (added new information or removed outdated ones) taken place once company information changed. For instance, closed legal issue will not be shown but hot issues are always given. Cégközlöny = COMPANY GAZETTE is the official public information where all modifications released in Hungary and Company Court where company sheets stored.

See examples (companies with legal issue)

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