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Getting an Energy Performance Certificate for Hungarian Property

From 1 January 2012 it is law to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for all homes for sale and to let in Hungary. This must form part of every Homebuyers, Landlords, and Tenants information pack.

5 January 2012

Energy Performance Certificate in Hungary

Energy Performance Certificate from 2012 in Hungary

EPC for Hungarian PropertiesWhat is it?

The Hungarian implementation of the EPBD Directive (2002/91/EC) on the energy specifications of buildings was performed with Government Decree 176/2008 in 2008. According to the Decree an energy performance certificate is required for the take over and letting out of new buildings. The objective of the regulation of the certificate is to improve the long-term energy efficiency of buildings.

The energy performance certificate must be filled out according to the template certificate. The qualification classes range between A+ and I.

The supporting energy performance calculations of the architectural-technical and implementation documentation must be attached to the summary page of the energy performance certificate.

Energy performance certificate template:

Applied energy performance qualification classes from A+ to I

- Name and address of Homeowner

- Property details

- Name, address of registered domestic energy assessor(DEA)

- The specific primary energy consumption of the building (kWh/m2a)

- Reference values according to the Decree 7/2006 of minister without portfolio on the definition of the energy performance features of the building

- Requirement value (base of comparison) kWh/m2a

- Specific heat loss factor in the percentage of the requirement value

- Classification according to energy performance quality

Domestic energy assessors may be employed by a company (like an estate agent or energy company) or be self-employed. Always check that your domestic energy assessor belongs to an accreditation scheme.

Applied energy performance qualification classes:

- A+ <55 Greatly energy saving
- A 56-75 Excellent
- B 76-95 Better than requirements
- C 96-100 Good
- D 101-120 Nearly meets requirements
- E 121-150 Better than average
- F 151-190 Average
- G 191-250 Nearly average
- H 251-340 Nearly poor
- I 341> Poor

Energy Performance Certificate in Hungary - Groping in gloom

Groping in gloom

The document also includes proposals for what kind of investments are needed to achieve higher category for the inspected property.The energy performance certificate is a document serving the interest of tenants, buyers, homeowners; it classifies the given flat in terms of the energy performance of the building thus providing help in its classification regarding property market. By that the properties having energy performance certificate shall be capable of comparison more easily in terms of building energy performance.

How long is your EPC valid for?

EPCs are valid for ten years but new one needed when property resold and rented for longer period than 1 year

What an EPC costs

The price of an EPC is set by the market and will depend on the size and location of your property.

When you'll be given an EPC

By law you should receive an EPC in the following cases:

Buying a home
All sellers of homes need to ensure that they provide an EPC, free of charge to potential buyers.

Buying a newly built property
Buyers of newly built properties should receive an EPC, free of charge.

Renting a property
If you are interested in renting a property for LONGER PERIOD THAN 1 YEAR, the landlord must make an EPC available to you free of charge. However, you don’t need an EPC when you are thinking of just renting a shorther term rather than 1 YEAR+.

Groping in gloom

Experts pay attention to the fact that Building Control Department has not required EPCs for newly built properties and their occupancy permit since 1 January 2009. Consequently, it is expected that new law (from 1 January 2012) will not have impact on buying and selling contracts as well as long-term lease agreement because Energy Performance Certificate will not attached due to lack of sanctions. If this condition will remain in force , sense of the energy issue is questionable thereof, and it make both Law Enforcement and Law Abiding behaviour unfavourable in Hungary.