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Huawei's Europe Supply Centre in Pécs

The plant has been operating since December, but the protocol event taken place today. Increasing employment is still only a promise.

31 January 2012

Huawei's Europe Supply Centre in PécsHuawei Technologies Hungary formally opened Europe Supply Centre (ESC) that serves Europe with Huawei's products from Hungary. The contract manufacturing's capacity will be five thousand telecommunication equipment a month within a few months. This means that Huawei will inrease staff upto 300 people and employ 500 people by the end of the year.

The plant in Pécs-Cserkút assambles optical transmission units, network communication finished products which are produced from parts manufactured in different countries and shipped to Hungary. The Europe Supply Centre - the factory with a multi-facility and more units - provide finishied products to 30 of the world's 50 leading telecommunication service providers from Hungary.

The new complex near Pécs is operated by Flextronics Global Services Hungary in accordance with the contract manufacturing signed in October. The first product rolled off from the production line in middle of December as planned.

The new factory was not a greenfield development because based on existing buildings. 100 people currently work on orders at Hauwei. Number of employees will rise to 300 and then 500 when production capacity expands by the end of the year. Flextronics Global Services Hungary has a plan to increase total workforce as high as 800 people at the factory in the near future.

Europe Supply Centre opened by Kao Chi-en , the Chinese Ambassador, Zsolt Páva Pécs, Mayor of Pécs, József Jónás, Mayor of Cserkút, Anders Karlborg, Vice President of Huawei Technologies and Gavin Dai, the Hungarian centre's managing director.