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Let's go Hungary, Let's go Hungarians!

From hot air to tragic ending - Diplomatic fiasco has turned into political liability. Hungary is now out of air.

11 January 2012

Hungarian Economy Minister György Matolcsy (R) looks at Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: Out of air!

Hungarian Economy Minister György Matolcsy (R) looks at Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: Out of air!
Photograph by: Bernadett Szabó, Reuters

The Government of Hungary without air needs to look at necessary and inevitable changes. Together Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his 'right hand' the Hungarian Economy Minister György Matolcsy without air have no other choice than to say a painful farewell from footlight and retreat into the background. Hungary without air needs new government to place home and forreign affairs completely onto new basis. The Orbán regime has subordinated the country's economic interest to consolidate its political power. Although the post-communist democratic system is outdated and needs to be restructured, but the government's unconcealed plan openly and clearly has taken every effort to maneuver without economic policy on rough seas of EU.

They hoped that no one will deal with such as small country as Hungary. They was hoping Europe will be more permissive and tolerant with higher fiscal deficit and slowdown economy. First, they were confronted with the EU because Hungary did not want to take any economic action. Hungary under pressure by the EU tried to win time with bank and telecommunication taxes in regard to budget deficit. Then they liquidated the private pension funds for soft-money. Transformed tax system given to people like "bread and circuses". Whilst tax restructering has led to a serious hole in the Hungarian budget, but the government was a money-sucking fool that collected multiple of money from the economy they left inside it due to tax system. As a result, the economy has started to slow down and paralyse.

Let’s go Hungary, Let’s go Hungarians!Bleeding economy

There were visible signs of stagnant Hungarian economy in 2011 but the Hungarian government was always busy to transform legal system and work on new law in full swing. Not listened to any criticism while the slowdown economy, state budget supported with soft-money revenues forecasted a serious problem for future. Viktor Orbán and his right hand still firmly stated that warnings are false and Hungary can be standalone. Again, nothing happened but the Hungarian economy was bleeding slowly. The Hungarian government was not taking care about the dark omens of bleeding economy from several wounds and further burden economy when Early Repayment Scheme for desprate FX mortgage further deepened burden of the banking system of Hungary as well as the country's international credibility eroded day by day.

Lead straight to disaster

By the end of 2011 it was clear that a combination of operational negligence and political blindness will toss Hungary into recession but unfavourable international economic environment was blamed for slow economic growth by the government. The nationalist regime, which is firmly protect natioanal interest and values, can risk its own nation when its attitude can lead straight to disaster. However, the government has become like one of its political opponents: austerity the wrong medicine. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and particularly his right hand György Matolcsy have used controversial and strongly anti-EU and the IMF communication. They are not only arrogant and pompous, but they could not support their political success with results. Reorganisation of entire post-communist democratic system with new law through autocratic legislation has increased rather than reduced uncertainty in Hungary and international eyes are even more concerned as local point of views about.

Quid pro quo

Unfortunately, in spite of disclaimer, continuous blaming of the EU, IMF and the international media through various conspiracy theories, the truth is that Viktor Orbán and his right-hand want to spend the first half of governement term in office without economic policy. This is a pre-planned mission to be accomplished at all costs. For this purpose they are ready to sacrifice everything. The political responsibility, therefore, is not simply an issue today, but the most important one. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is not fighting for freedom against the evil, oppressive and greedy 'global capital', as it is communicated, but he prefers his own political goals to the country's economic interests. Hiding behind the camouflage of populism, even the majority of voters were also mystified initially by the interest the government. But popularity of Prime Minister has already been eroded, he has lost more than half of  his voters. So there is only two-thirds majority in the Parliament and Hungary is absolutely disappointed with him.

In fact, Viktor Orbán is now a failed politician in Hungary, whom more people would like to see as a former prime minister instead. His right hand, Economic Minister György Matolcsy is known as a complicit in Orbán's plan. “If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity.” Indeed, Mr. György Matolcsy was not silent. He insisted on expectations of economic growth and HUF/EUR FX rate at 265 for 2012. He also called Hungary as self-financed country on "Monday" and announced a request for IMF assistance on "Friday". Also, he was talking about IMF like an enemy so that Viktor Orbán said that he would resign if IMF assistance needed.

Yet IMF agreement is a must but Viktor Orbán is still the Prime Minister of Hungary.


Discredited, amateur diplomacy, political irresponsibility and blindness are not a coincidence

Discredited, amateur diplomacy, political irresponsibility and blindness are not a coincidence

Heads must roll

Discredited, amateur diplomacy, political blindness and irresponsibility are not a concidence. Orbán is not neo-Nazi and anti-democratic, but he has deliberately built up the government policy in accordance with his pre-planned way. He believes he will be lucky and things will not degenerate into destructiveness. But he has no luck with home and foreign affairs, therefore, a legitimate question as to when Viktor Orbán admits fatal failure of his policy and agrees to hold responsible? If not, it shows how talenless, selfish, petty and spineless politician he is. A statesman knows when he makes a mistake, or admits at least when he is wrong. A statesman stands up when he knows time is over and does not not risk unnecessarily.

Viktor Orban would be a statesman if he kept his word, voluntarily assumed all responsibility and resign rather sooner than later. We do not ask him to be excused because it would not be believable and honest eventually.

EU-IMF agreement is not enough to overcome confidence crisis against Hungary. Heads must roll in fast and furious, as the domestic and international public opinion expect. Neither Europe nor Hungary cannot be permissive against such and such a politician. It should be an eternal example for all other countries in the future.

Let's go Hungary, Let's go Hungarians! - the words Viktor Orbán always finishes public speech with.

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