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Metro 4 - The neverending Story

METRO4 under construction since 2006. New metro line between Buda and Pest would be opened by early of 2014 latest said Mayor of Budapest - Fingers crossed.

18 November 2011

Metro 4 station at Fővám tér in district 5 Budapest

Metro 4 Station at Fővám tér (The Big Market)

METRO4 seems to be a political playground where corruption is real fear. Locals are of course disappointed with smell of  murky world but this is just one side of the coin. The other side is the new metro line which is very well connected by both rapid and normal bus service. Furthermore, stations on Pest side are very close to old M2 and M3 stations that increase number of stations in an area of city where public transport is not a hot issue.Thank to this, Hungarians criticise lack of  real planning about a new line that could help Budapest public transport. METRO4 must be nice and modern but construction based on political pressure from socialist era instead. When socialist party won the election in 2006 after 2002 - first time ever since political changes in 1990 - government  kept promising development of new metro line without rational support. METRO4 is a must for the city but different line would be more welcome. C'est la vie!


One eye crying and one eye smiling

Although METRO4 has 3 phases, phase 1 between Kelenföldi Railway Station (district 11) and Keleti Railway Station (distirct 8)is most likely to be the first and last phase for a while. This is the phase from which Budapest could live without. But take a look at positive consequences of rush city development.

Metro 4 BudapestHowever, phase 1 has advantages such as squares and streets are being renovated during construction.It get sboth local and turist impressed with lovely street view. Budapest needs to be refurbised indeed! Nice to see when little steps taken even if movements are as slow as 8 years in case of METRO4. 

10 new stations have been developed and they have to be ready for public transport by early of 2014.  Mayor of Budapest made residents confident about new deadline of grand openning of METRO4 would not be missed. Best scenario is last quarter of 2013 while the worst scenario set by the Mayor for the following year, 2014.

Realistic and achievable goal, however, political pressure is still significant due to the considerable development budget. Phase 1 of METRO4 costs HUF366 billions while line length is as short as 7.4 km.

Metro 4 Map Budapest

Public transport map of Budapest
(Metro, National Railway and Suburban Railways)


While Budapest has a long history with underground public transport, three metro lines developed only.The very first one  METRO1 - Yellow Line was opened on 16th of July 1896. This was the very first metro line in Continental Europe. Thanks ot inspiration of London Tube, Budapest developed METRO1. However, first phase of METRO2 - Red Line was opened in end of 1970 and the whole line was available from end of 1973. METRO3 - Blue Line was planned in 1968 and construction was taken 20 years from 1970 to 1990 but the first phase was complete by 1978.

METRO4 phase 2 would make Keleti Railway Station connected to Bosnyák tér (district 14) including four stations. It is hardly believeable when it would be started due to financial issues and strong criticism of the whole plan. Phase 3, however, is particularly a great idea in this project, but absolutely low chance to come true. What a shame!

Additional two metro stations expected to be done in METRO4 phase when time has come. Dreaming of future, very far future of course, but this is the most exciting part of the plan. Why? Because Budapest would have a direct metro line to outside of the city in suburban area. It could be a good exercise and well-done job with extraordinary benefits.  Budaörs can be the first town with metro to Budapest in Hungary.

Watch the video (Hungarian and English - 30 September 2011)

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