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Ministry, union in agreement on doctors' pay rise

A physician's starting salary is EUR1400 in Slovakia, EUR3,800 in Germany, close o EUR6,000 in Denmark. On Tuesday announnced nearly 50% wage increase to EUR700 (roughly. gross HUF200,000) for Hungarian young residents. This wage should be so attractive to the young Hungarian physicians to stay in Hungary.

23 March 2012

Hungary has managed to reach half of Slovakian doctors' pay. Deeply unhealthy!

Hungary has managed to reach half of Slovakian doctors' pay. Deeply unhealthy!

Thanks to pay rise announced on Tuesday, doctors' salary will increase with net HUF40,000 45,000 (roughly EUR150!!!). They will receive one lump sum of money around July-August when extra money is going to be paid because the pay increase is retroactive to January.

The additional HUF40,000-45,000 is e very much present in a young doctor's life whose starting monthly salary is about HUF80,000-100,000 (EUR275-350!!!). It is no coincidence that this government's called significant from the first moment by Magor Papp, the leader of Hungarian Resident Association which threatened the government with mass. He said that even if the increase is far enough from their claim to rise. Residents' goal is to reach doctors' pay three times higher than the national avarage income, net HUF200,000(EUR700) for the young and net HUF300,000(EUR1,000) for the older doctors. The local income could be just somehow competitive with salaries in Western Europe, although pay is still significantly far from them.

Dr. Miklós Szószka (State Secretary for Healthcare) announces the pay rise

Dr. Miklós Szócska (State Secretary for Healthcare) announces the pay rise. Just more than nothing!

The government has not selected a percentage increase, but 80% of doctors receive unifrom HUF65,000 monthly gross pay rise. This means much higher increase in percentage in young doctor's salaries (48%). This is understandable because it is at stake in agreement whether they stay in Hungary instead of seeking prosperity in elsewhere.

Now, the budget to increase pay will be HUF30.5 billion which still hardly reduce serious gap of the Hungarian physician' payments between Hungary and Western Europe. The gross EUR220 pay rise can hardly change anything in the trend, unfortunately.

Deeply unhealthy

The European Federation of Salaried Doctors (FEMS)'s study in 2010 shows salary of hospital doctors is the third lowest in Hungary after Bulgaria and Romania. The gross monthly income of Hungarian doctors is between EUR475-1061. From July, the residents' pay will increase to EUR700, rising upto EUR1,300 for older doctors which are still unattainable distance from EUR2,000-3,000 salaries in the more developed Western European countries.

This is largely consistent with the National Employment Service data. According to statistics in 2010, the avarage gross monthly salary of general practitioners in Hungary was HUF250,000 (EUR847 at current FX rate), while the average salary of medical specialists was around HUF340,000 (EUR 1,152).

These art the averages. Because of mostly civil servants, there are some significant differences in salaries among age groups. The basic pay of resident doctors - represented by the Hungarian Resident Association - age from 25 to 30 is definitely disappointing by the statistics: the average monthly gross salary is around HUF135,000 (EUR465). This monthly pay with and other additional financial support can reach gross HUF212,000.

How much is in net? Hungarian Resident Association presented a list of salary on its website which shows the starting gross monthly salary of a young physician at a clinic in Szeged is HUF136,000 (EUR470) and exactly HUF79,580(EUR275!!!) transferred as the net salary. It is cold comfort to him to get meal woucher of HUF6,000(EUR21) a month.

The situation is not much better, if someone has passed the special exam after a long learning period, because plus net HUF10,000-15,000 (EUR35,50) received a month in this age group. The doctors' perspective will be any better later: in the age group of 31-40 the gross salary can be HUF300,000 (EUR1034) while medical specialists can reach the gross pay of HUF360,000 (EUR1,241) a month in the age group of 41-50.

General opinion is that the doctors'salary is so low because gratuity for doctors calculated in their salaries. It has been known, however, that gratuities is achievable for top 10% of the doctors. The novice and junior doctors have hardly received graduity, they have the characteristic of their life to work 70 hours a week and most of them have two positions at least.

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