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Reconstruction of Kossuth tér - Parliament

Underground garage and Visitor Centre to be built in the Northern part of Kossuth tér at the Hungarian Parliament. Companies witht national security classification can be participated only in the reconstruction of the square where original conditions prior to 1944 to be restored.

27 February 2012

Back to the future - the square for tram, pedestrians and bike. No cars and buses any more!

Back to the future - the square for tram, pedestrians and bike. No cars and buses any more!

Reconstruction of Kossuth Square is ready to start - the Northern area of the square from Jászai Mari tér toward to the Parliament have been fenced around. Underground garage for 4-500 cars are planned, which is a key point of the reconstruction of the square. Also, Visitor Centre is also to be built in the fenced area.

Papp László Sportaréna Budapest

Emil Bakos (center) held a press conference about the development on Sunday afternoon

Prior to 1944

It is planned that tram, pedestrians and bike only without any other traffic will be passing through Kossuth tér by the end of the reconstruction - said Emil Bakos, The Office of the General Director for Economic. This development is planned to restore the square's conditions prior to 1944 - he added.

National security conflict with procurment

No public procurment procedure is made for garage construction. Reason for this is that the fact that because the the underground garage will be directly connected to the Parliament, which have national security considerations - Emil Bakos said. Therefore, companies need ot be taken into accoount that meet the national security classification only.

HUF2.5 billion earmarked

HUF2.5 billion is earmarked in 2012 budget for Kossuth tér reconstruction. It is expected to begin underground garage from HUF530 million, HUF845 million for Parliament's Visitor Centre while rest of the budget is to finance the historical reconstruction of Parliament's square.