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Royal Garden Pavilion - Restoration may start in 2012

Governement still keen on restoration of the Royal Garden Pavilion to start from Fall 2012.

26 November 2011

Castle Bazaar Budapest- waiting for renovation

Today, Royal Garden Pavilion - built in 1875-1882 - is listed on the World’s 100 Most Endangered sites.

On 9 October 2011 the Government adopted a decision on launching the complete reconstruction and the long-term development of  Royal Garden Pavilion. The plans related to the reconstruction of Royal Garden Pavilion must be elaborated by 31 December 2011 and the works must be completed by March 2014.

Based on the Government’s decision, the feasibility study required for the improvement of the very poor traffic conditions in the Castle District and its surroundings must be completed by the end of February 2012, and the deadline set in the government decree for the 25-year development strategy of the quarter is 31 May 2012.

Castle Bazaar Budapest - Political playgroundPolitical playground

Gábor Tamás Nagy, Mayor of District I, welcomed the Government’s plans and stressed that they reflected the council’s recommendations. The mayor was pleased to learn that instead of offering the territory to private investors, the opportunity for the state to participate in the overwhelming majority of the project would be allowed. “I am especially delighted to understand that the reconstruction will be realised with assistance from the European Union, as this is the most realistic and most fortunate solution”, the mayor said.

According to government spokesman András Giró-Szász, the Buda Castle is a significant part of our national history and identity, and the Government wants to support exactly such areas and objectives in the New Széchenyi Plan. The project is included among the National Programmes, which means that it is a development pointing beyond a merely regional perspective, as it can bring specific benefits to the entire country. Today the Royal Garden Pavilion is among the World’s 100 Most Endangered listed building complexes.This is what the Government wants to change not only because the Royal Garden Pavilion is part of our history and identity, but also because this project will create jobs, which is an important objective of the government”, the government spokesmen stressed.

Ambitious Plans

For long decades the Royal Garden Pavilion was the ornament of t Royal Garden Pavilion along the River Danube. Today it is merely an ugly blot on the historical cityscape”, said the minister’s commissioner Ferenc Zumbok on 15 November 2011 in the Buda Castle mentioning the restoration work of Royal Garden Pavilion and Castle District.

In the ministerial commissioner’s opinion after the public procurement procedures the restoration of Royal Garden Pavilion may start next autumn. The final and binding building permits and implementation plans have been obtained for the northern pavilion and the Water Carriers’ Stairway. The HUF 6.5 billion required for the works are available from funds granted by the European Union.


Castle Bazaar Budapest - ambitious plans

Castle Bazaar has been standing empty since 1984.

Ferenc Zumbok explained that for more than a century Royal Garden Pavilion has been underutilised. “In addition to the restoration, the most difficult task will be to identify the functions to make this territory a lively and visited centre of Budapest”, he added. The reconstruction plans include building of the parapet walk running around the palace, the construction of a deep garage for 130-140 cars, and the creation of an underground cultural programme area on 1600 square metres. A travelator is planned next to the water carriers’ stairway to connect the so-far isolated Castle with the Danube Bank. Some of the premises once used as ateliers would be granted to young artists free of charge, while the rest will serve as restaurants and cafés. The former Youth Park would accommodate “booted tourists” in beer tents and cheaper restaurants.

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