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Tesco Mobile to start in March

1 March to buy Tesco's virtual mobile operator devices and service with prefix dialing number of 06 31. The Vodafone and Tesco's joint venture offers dual SIM card phone as well as inexpensive smart phone in prepaid packages at uniform tariffs.

1 March 2012

Tesco Mobile with Vodafone from 1 March 2012

Tesco Mobile in Hungary from 1 March 2012

"Tesco Mobile to start operation as a fourth mobile operator in Hungary from 1 March" - said György Beck, Chairman of Vodafone Hungary at the event heralding press conference on Tuesday. The other founder, Gerry Gray, Tesco Hungary's CEO, pointed out that Hungary is the fourth country in row where Tesco with its own brand enters into mobile telecommunication segment. The two British-based companies have already introduced the same virtual construction service in the UK, Ireland and Slovakia.

Tesco Mobile in Hungary from 1 March 2012Loyalty the key to success

The business model is fairly simple, the new mobile network is built on Vodafone business and technical background as well as Tesco's extensive sales locations (hypermarets and supermarkets) and one and half million loyalty card owners / customers as a potential mobile customers. One million Tesco customer to receive a special offer letter regarding Tesco Mobile services. In this context, György Beck said the surveys show that the Tesco customer loyalty card represents the similar proportions owners among the three mobile operators (T-Mobile, Telenor, Vodafone) as the total Hungarian mobile market.

New company called Tesco MBL Távközlési Zrt. was establised to provide the new service under Tesco brand name, which starts its activities with five employees. Tesco and Vodafone did not want to reveal the particular investment associated with the new company and the introduction of services, the first man of Tesco just emphasised that the company has invested HUF445 billion in Hungary since 1995. Vodafone's first man added that several billion (in HUF) network renewal projects will end soon, which among other things to serve this kind of increase in capacity.

Prepaid packages first

Péter Reszkető, CEO of Tesco Mobile, said prepaid service is only to offer but may intend to introduce contract service structure later. The initial tariff package to customers offers 100% extra prepaid bonus credited to customer account which makes single 59-minute tariff 50% off upto HUF 29.50 reducing SMS fees as well. In addition, 10Mbytes MobilNEt service is inlcusive of all package. Roaming is also available through thhe new service provider's SIM card , and MobilNet tickets can be purchased separately against the bonus balance, for instance. Custoerms with Tesco's loyalty card get double loyalty points when they purchase anything as Tesco Mobile customer in the system.

Tesco Mobile's prefix dialing number is 31 and th servic can be purchased with or without mobile phones. Packages with mobiles phones are sold in Tesco hypermarkets only. Initially, five different types of phones including a smart phone and a dual SIM card phone to offer in Hungary.


György Back(Vodafone) and Garry Gray(Tesco) at press conference

György Back(Vodafone) and Garry Gray(Tesco) at press conference on Tuesday

Busy months

Tesco Mobile was announced by the founders in September last year, but the colourful palette of communication market affected by number of events. Lidl's own brand, Blue Mobile, is not considered as a traditional virtual service provider, but strongly associated with T-Mobile and sell T-Mobile mobile phones and uses T-Mobile's network with prefix dialing number of 06 30 like T-Mobile which focus all the way to similar market segment, such as Tesco Mobile does.