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So the first snow has arrived in Hungary

Snowing in the hills: the snow has arrived on the country's high-altitude points. Will it be a white Christmas?

19 December 2011

So the first snow has arrived in HungaryAccording to meteorologists it might be snowing on Christmas day in the coming weeks, but prolonged snow cover is not expected due to the average daytime high temperature is above freezing.

The National Weather Service reported that a cold front moved through the country on Saturday. Initially, more rain fell, which became gradually snow and rain by influx of cold air, and then it started snowing in high places.

Zoltán Üveges, meteorologist, said snow was expected upin the mountains in the following weeks, but even more rain was possible on the flat regions. In the afternoon, temperatures would be above freezing , so when it snowed in the evening even snow would melt during the day.

In the first days of next week, more rain and snow is expected every day - there could still be a few snow, anyway. On Thursday, the type of precipitation expected to fall can either be rain or snow, however, ease in the weather, so snow is most likely to become rain.

Chirstmas weather

Christmas weather can be changeable. A meteorologist say that snow cover is unlikely to emerge during the holiday season, because morning will only be below freezing temperatures, more melting and rain is expected in the afternoon.